Understanding Arctic clouds:how do aerosols control their properties


We will examine aerosol effects on Arctic mixed-phase clouds. These clouds often persist for days and are crucial for the Arctic energy balance, but the main factors governing their life cycle are not well known. Changes in aerosol concentrations may be an important factor driving Arctic cloud dissipation.

Confirming this hypothesis from in-situ observations is however difficult, as the observations are limited in time and space as well as in terms of variables. We will develop and use a Gaussian Process Emulator of a large-eddy simulation model to perform an efficient uncertainty analysis of an observed cloud dissipation event. 


Annica Ekman (supervisor), Miguel Rodrigues (co-supervisor), Niall Robinson (MetOffice, non-academic advisor)


1 month at Iris.ai, 6 months at UCL, 2 months at the MetOffice

Enrolment in Doctoral degree

PhD in Meteorology at Stockholm University

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